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What is IAM3?: Man Making Mission (3M) is a unique and indispensable path of each individual which gives the best way of existence and evolution in all directions of life. Read more…


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What is IAM3 (IndoAryan Man Making Mission)?


ISHRD has taken a 20 years program in first phase of IndoAryan Man Making Mission (IAM3) which is founded on the verified scientific facts of ancient idea of the Aryan Seers and World masters to make each individual a true conscious; who could gradually reveal own integral relationship with the whole universal mechanism focusing on the realization of ‘oneness-feeling’ with this system. We believe that this could only be possible – by gradual biological and psychological evolution, which may lead one to develop efficiency – the inner strength of material and spiritual progress towards Global Humanitarian State and realization of universal oneness. He or she who agrees with the protocols of the mission and lovingly feels to join this silent revolution of 3M; must come forward with an oath to practice in own life…


  Ten points Protocol of  IndoAryan Man Making Mission (IAM3) :


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This ten-points educational program of mission of Man Making, have been framed from the gist of the life and lessons of the past prophets philosophers and Seers of the World, aiming to ensure a radical    evolution of global mankind. This mission has been initiated to rebuild India, as the world teacher, which would show the path, to transform the global society, into a divine World Order.

This is presented as information to you all. Let’s get united and join this divine, Man Making Mission, for individual, conjugal, social, national and global peace, prosperity, progress towards, total existential consciousness. Here are the ten points:


10-points of protocol of

IndoAryan Man Making Mission



A roadmap of making India as the World Teacher and foundation of divine Global Order



Each matter has an, ‘urge, of existence’. Such an urge in human makes him conscious and active, to control the environment, in favour of the existence of self and surroundings. This is an indispensable part of evolution. Such development of efficiency for the right application of existential, urge is, 'God' realization. So, our final goal is ‘Attainment of God.’


In course of life, to unfold the inherent possibilities at the maximum degree, and to profitably apply the combined force of material and spiritual knowledge; accepting a man-of-wisdom in life, as Master-guide, is the most essential. That identifies our weakness, to combat and to overcome all hurdles on the way of existential evolution.



God, ‘the existential, urge, of matter’ is one. Dharma, ‘the science of existential evolution’ is one. And all world-teachers or Prophets, are the messengers of the same, (one God & one Dharma).



In a result of the biochemical and socio-cultural evolutionary process, a grouping of similar characteristics of matters, and further, a division of labour according to a hereditary instinct among various species took place. Significantly, the same phenomenon also occurred in a human being. So, a hereditary grouping of similar characteristics of human, should be protected and nurtured, to transform each individual, towards his higher grade of characteristics for total progress of civilization.



Application of the natural laws of eugenics, on the basis of a grouping of hereditary instinct, should be done - to have a better instinctive human resource, by birth. And in contrary, awareness to reject ,or restrict, anti-natural hypogamous marriage (mating between higher instinctive female and less evolved male). Strong awareness program should be initiated, to stop such marriage, to protect a great loss of human potentials, and global humanity. And all must be connected to the Ideal-centric life, aligned to the living embodiment of higher purpose of existence, - to make a harmonious  conjugal and peaceful family environment, as a building block of global society.



The education system has to be modified by ‘elevated intellectualism. Here, knowledge must be imparted based on practical and industrial education, since the primary level, imparted by the disciplined teachers, those are disciples of Masterman. This would reveal the cause and effect relation of natural phenomenon, and shows the right application of the knowledge to fulfill human needs; and also unfurling the inter-relation of the subjects, opens the  windows of wisdom.



Such educational enrichment, would be evolved into a socialistic society – which is free from unemployment, poverty, economic crisis, industrial downfall, unhealthy competition, capitalistic exploitation, state-autocracy, loss of human resource, economic-dependency, etc, and the state would come forward, playing a leading role in the globalized economy. Indo-Aryan Soviet Socialist Republic (I.A.S.S.R.) is a model of such socio-economic divine-democratic socio-political structure.



True democracy comes from the representatives of the conscious and qualitative better psycho-genic human resource, which is free from ‘party-politics’, and that must be under the guidance of Seer, the man of wisdom. So, in this alternative dynamic system, there will be no nominee, no political party, no police force, no huge expenditure; but it comes from one representative from each family, who would select the best one from the village or ward. Such village representatives will select the best one, at the district level. They would select the best representatives at the state level. And from there, the country would get the best group of the leaders, to lead the country progressively. 



The go-of-life of total becoming, with togetherness of world humanity, and all fulfilling ideology is, ‘Indo-Aryan Existentialism’. It has all fulfilling inherent potential, blended with scientific philosophy to lead the world. Its mission is, -to transform each individual into the highest level of psychogenic characteristics (in Indo-Aryan viewpoint, it is called ‘Brahmin’). This would be possible following the fundamental program of human development, inspired by the theme of Indo-Aryan Man Making Mission. The same was dreamed by the ancient Aryan-Seers to make divine global society. This mission, would lay a strong foundation of non-communal Dharmik world order, having supportive coordination among the countries, following the leadership of a common all-fulfilling Ideal. This is the background of the World United States (WUS), –the divine Indo-Aryan Communism.


Human existence, directly connected to, coordination between biological and physical existence of matters. Hence, awareness of, -‘every particle is essential for my existence’, that inspires one to protect, nurture and balance socio-environmental ecology. This go-of-life under the guidance of Seer, one gradually discovers his relationship with the total   mechanism, and gets attainment of self-realization, with oneness feeling to all. This is actually ‘God Realization’. The ultimate goal of life.



  NB. Download the 10-points Protocol of IAM3 from HERE

   Move on with IAM3:

Be a part of IAM3 by practicing its’ protocols and gradually uphold silent world revolution by upgrading material, mental and spiritual strength. These protocols of 3M are the outcome of the verified research for thousands of years of our past seers, and also psycho-scientific experiments of the modern scientists – which is holding the ultimate secrets of existential-evolution of self and environment. So moving on sincerely with 3M one finds the path of material success and spiritual bliss towards feeling of ‘Oneness-realization’ with the universe. And this revolution will build a world-wide socio-economic and socio-cultural base of divine-Communism. So let’s popularize IAM3 by bringing each individual under this fold to strengthen our own self-existence.




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