We dream for a Divine Global Order -the World United States (WUS) and making India as a Global Teacher and the treasure is hidden in IndoAryan Culture!


Let's Explore!


Aryan culture is the culture of existential-evolution of mankind. This is an ancient discovery of the natural laws of human evolution to balance Socio Environmental Ecology (SEE) of modern civilisation, with a realisation of ‘oneness’ to all. Here is a pictorial exhibition of the:


"Evolution of IndoAryan Culture"  


“Aryan culture is an ancient culture of modern Human Existence.”

-The World Master-



Creation of the Universe began with a Big-Blast, and there was ‘Sound’- the Word, the Vibration, that goes on in every particle, even in man.



A magnetic field enabled a to and fro motion, the ‘Vibration’
-the cause of evolution of the Universe.


Now inorganic evolution of the universe began with a concentric go —Movement of the
celestial bodies around sun or bigger star.


Formation of the earth and then Organic evolution on its surface began.


Life formation, Cell Division, Division of labour in organic evolution - Having concentric
nucleus centric) becoming.


Varieties in same: Chemical, Botanical, Zoological and Human world.


Qualitative enrichment (genetic evolution) takes place when female (-ve) finds genetically
more-evolved male (+ve).


In the course of evolution of nature and human, -man observed three substantial factors
of human existence and social development...


(1) Concentric go of life in micro to macro states, is present in society as ‘Social Leadership’
and accepting wise-man in life is must.


(2) Four division of Labour - which naturally developed in early societies hereditary could
transmit to the next generations with better efficiency.


(3) If female selects a male of lower hereditary potentials (hypogamy), then better-eugenics
and socio-cultural evolution get shattered…!!!








These “Three Laws” - a master in life, laws of eugenics, division of      labour on hereditary character; of social evolution were first discovered

by the Aryans, about 10,000 years ago, are the base of ‘Aryanism’.



Early ancestral homeland of these ‘Aryans’ was near North Pole region (Paradise of Eden), described in ancient scriptures, evidences found in scientific excavations.


But they left their ‘Home Land’ about 40000 years ago, during sever Ice-age, gathering enormous life experiences migrated towards south.




Before 10000 BC Aryans migrated to south, crossing the Ural Mountain of Russia and settled in the wide plane area of green grassland.






10000 years ago the Aryans further moved down to Central Asia, near around Caspian Sea, Black Sea, Mediterranean sea.




Now, Aryan’s genetic marker (R1a) proves the facts of timeline of the movements and settlements of Aryans in wide area of the world.




About 6000 BC after ‘Noah’s Great Flood’ (Old Testament) a geological fact, Aryans gradually moved various parts of Asia, Europe, etc. and entered in Indian sub-continent (Aryabartya) before the period of ‘Ramayana’.


The branch of the Aryans came to Indian subcontinent, -settled around Sarswati river sides, and focused on research works. But by 6000 years ago the Saraswati river dried out and these Indian Aryans left this place....


Now, Indo-Aryans moved to Sindhu river area and set a new civilisation. These ‘Sindhu’ dwellers tagged as ‘Hindu’ after Alexzender’s invasion (300 BC), which is twisted sound of ‘Sindhu’ of the Greeks, etc. But     locals accepted ‘Hindu’ title forgoing their own forefather's Aryan identity! Hence ‘Hindu’ had descended from original Aryans and Aryan culture.


All the past ‘Prophets’ as the  best World leaders came in various periods of human civilization, to teach the lessons of Global existence; they all were culturally Aryans.


Abraham of Old Testament was an Aryan Seer (Brahmin) from Central Asia, and Brahma (Aa+Brahma) is believed as the Godly Brahmin-man (total wisdom) by the Indo-Aryans in India. Both were same personality!


Abraham or Ibrahim (or Brahma) was the common foregather of Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammad; so Jesus and Mohammad were Aryans (Brahmin) and biological brothers too. Hence Christianity and Islam also originated from Aryan culture.


Aryanism - the common philosophical idea causes Global unification:

Each matter has an ‘Existential Urge’, this is ‘God’ and God is 'ONE'.

The laws of existence is ‘Dharma’ and it is also 'ONE'.

All the World Masters or Prophets are the messengers of those 'ONE'.


Aryan Culture evolved with an amalgamation of all existential factors of inter-fulfilling
coordination of Individual and Environmental lives to balance Socio-Environmental-Ecology (SEE).


Individual-life psychologically gets balanced with an active loving attachment to an Ideal and
all-fulfilling personality, a Man of Wisdom….

Social-life is organized with an systematic balance between varieties of distinctiveness of
individuals, through biological upgradation.



Psychic and Genetic becoming of life under the leadership (Mastery) of Seer (who would
see beyond and fulfills each individual
) is the root of Human Resource Development, that makes the foundation of exploitation-free economic and democratic Global environment, ideologically called- 'IndoAryan Existentialism'.






This evolution summerised the IndoAryan idea in three points program of human potential management and social development, those are:

(1) Cause finding go of life (
spiritual) with attachment to an Ideal Master is ‘Initiation’.

(2) Intellectual enhancement through existential becoming as ‘Education’.

(3) Genetic enrichment by psychogenic compatible marriage is ‘Eugenics’.



This three points Psycho-Genic development gives strong foundation of ‘human capital’, the most powerful strength of sustainable growth of Industry, Science, Technology, Self-reliance Economy, Employment, Art, Culture, Literature, Philosophy and peaceful  family  and  social co-existence...



This socio-cultural growth of India will be normally evolved into ‘IndoAryan Socialism’ with NO social turmoil; and this Indo-Aryan Soviet Socialist Republic as a ‘World Teacher’ would re-unite Asia-Europe, and lead the World to transform into a Divine Global-order (WUS)!



“Cultivate culture
The field is vast,
Cultivators are few
Be one of them.”

The World Master-

(Sree Sree Anukulchandra)




















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