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15-16 February 2019

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World is at a crossroad, passing through grave social crisis. We are unable to deal it with clarity, as we lack of guidance of a Seer. Sree Sree Anukulchandra (1888-1969) is such a modern day Seer, whose life and teachings provide us integrated solution of the crisis of human existence and growth. According to Him, ‘Root of all isms is existentialism, no existence no ism’. His vision on various subjects such as Philosophy, Psychology, Science, Spiritualism, Materialism, Salvation, Education, Eugenics, Heredity, Marriage, Socialism, Communism, Economy, Health, etc. is scientific and epoch-making. To Him, ‘What upholds existential factors is - Dharma; so God is one, Dharma is one and Prophets are the messengers of the same (one God & Dharma).’ According to Sree Sree Anukulchandra - man is the key factor of solution. So he has given three points man making program; viz, (1) ‘Initiation’ - acceptance of an Ideal (Seer) in life for psycho-spiritual growth, (2) ’Education’ - nourishment of the potentials towards becoming, (3) ’Marriage reform’ - genetic enrichment through better offspring, applying the laws of eugenics.
This seminar looks forward to highlight the scientific thoughts of Sree Sree Anukulchandra, that will throw light to make better human resource, better society, better world order. Research work in the related streams of knowledge will be presented in the seminar.


Thematic Areas of the Seminar

IndoAryan Existentialism and Divine Communism
● Ideal Centric Life and Collective Up-scaling
● Dharma centering on Communal Harmony & National Integration
● Education and IndoAryan Man Making Mission (IAM3).
● Marriage Reform and Principles of Eugenics.
● Efficiency, Industry and Economic Development.
● India’s Role as World Teacher
● Era of Globalization and the Concept of World United States (WUS).

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Academicians / Professionals:         800.00
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Students (Masters):                        500.00

Important Dates of the Seminar
Last date for submission of abstract:    Jan. 19, 2019
Notification of selected abstract :         Jan. 20, 2019
Last date for registration:                     Jan. 25, 2019
Last date for submission of full paper:  Jan. 31, 2019
Last date for submitting PPT Slides:     Feb. 10, 2019
Seminar Dates:                                    Feb. 15-16, 2019

Important Contacts
DR. SRIKUMAR MUKHERJEE:  9470932544 / 8210137153
Prof. (Dr) SAJALENDU GHOSH: 9470358282 / 7979006650
OFFICE:                                        8986615072 / 8789540445
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 LINKS of few Online Reference-BOOKS of Sree Sree Anukulchandra's Idelogy:
In English===>  Download Books (Hindi / English / Bangla) from here...  
   The Message (Vol-1)  
   Feminine Principles  
   An Integral Philosophy of Life (Sree Sree Anukulchandra's Ideology)  
   A Passage To Life, Love & Lift -  Anukul Way (by Dr. DC Patra)  
   Indo-Aryan Existentialism - A Concept  
   Life & Ideology of Sree Sree Anukulchandra (in brief)  
   Science of Education  
   Self Quest of Life (Preamble) 
   Self Quest of Life (Origin of Indo-Aryan Existentialism) 
   Self Quest of Life (Total Salvation)  
   Self Quest of Life (Man Making Mission)  

 IndoAryan Existentialism (Folder) 
In Hindi=====>   
   'सत्यानुसरण' - श्रीश्रीठाकुर अनुकुलचंद्रजी कथित सभी धर्ममतों का सार  
   श्रीश्रीठाकुर अनुकूलचंद्रजी की संक्षिप्त जीवनी और विचारधार  
   इस्लाम प्रसंग (सांप्रदायिक एकता पर श्रीश्रीअनुकुलचंद्रजी के साथ अभूतपूर्व चर्चा)  
   चलार साथी (श्रीश्रीअनुकुलचंद्र प्रदत्त ब्यक्ति जीवनचलन का पथ निर्देश)  
   मातृ मंगल (बिवाह, सुप्रजनन, दांपत्य जीवन, विषयों पर श्रीश्रीअनुकुलचंद्रजी से प्रश्नोत्तर)  
   युवा-चेतना और जीवनवृद्धिवाद  
   धर्म विज्ञानं और साम्प्रदायिकत  
   देशबंधु चित्तरंजन दास और श्रीश्रीठाकुर अनुकुलचंद्र  
   प्राकृत धर्म  
   मानव सव्यता के क्रमिक विकाश में श्रीश्रीठाकुर अनुकुलचंद्रजी का योगदान  
   आर्यायण (आर्यकृष्टि संबधी पत्रिका का संकलन)  
In Bengali===>    
   নানাপ্রসঙ্গে (প্রথম খন্ড) - প্রশ্নোত্তরি পুস্তক, প্রশ্নকর্ত্তা পদার্থ বিজ্ঞানে MSc Gold Medalist & researcher    with CV Raman (Nobel laureate), উত্তরদাতা শ্রীশ্রীঠাকুর অনুকূলচন্দ্র  
   "সত্যানুসরণ" (বাংলা) - বিশ্বের সমস্থ  ধর্মগ্রন্থের সার  
    ইসলাম প্রসঙ্গে - প্রশ্নোত্তরে শ্রীশ্রীঠাকুর অনুকূলচন্দ্র  
   নারীর পথে  
    ভারতের স্বাধীনতা আন্দোলন ও শ্রীশ্রীঅনুকূলচন্দ্র  
    মনের পথে (মন বিষ্লেশন / Psycho Analysis)  
   আর্য-সভ্যতার বিকাশ (Evolution of Aryan-Culture an Article in বাংলা) - ড০ শ্রীকুমার মুখোপাধ্যায়  
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